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side angled view
Talon-100 mounted diagonally on the XRV-100 4D Phantom

The Talon-100 Fiducial Array facilitates accurate image guided beam isocenter placement within the XRV-100 or XRV-124 imaging cones. The Fiducial Array can hold up to 32 extra BB fiducials that are locked in their spatial orientation with the 4 standard fiducials located on the end of the imaging cone. Each BB fiducial is 2.54 mm in diameter and can be easily inserted or removed to match the needs of your QA treatment plans.

The Talon-100 is attached to the fiducial puck of the imaging cone and is designed to fit underneath the shroud of the XRV-100. It is made of PLA plastic and weighs less than 1 kg. Because it does not add significantly to the weight of the XRV phantom, it can remain attached for extended periods of time. The Talon-100 is also easy to remove for QA procedures that do not require the extra fiducials.

The accurate, single piece manufacturing process of the Talon-100 allows the fiducial holes to be placed at extremely precise 10mm intervals. Holes for fiducial placement are located at the same intervals as the calibration holes in the cone. Fiducial BBs can be placed in any of the 8 holes along any of the four arms of the Talon-100. This allows the user to customize the angle of the fiducial planes, as well as translate the plane along the center axis of the cone.

Use cases for the XRV-124 are extended with the Talon-100 probe accessory that positions a single BB down the center axis of the XRV-124 imaging cone. The probe accessory allows the Talon-100 to create fiducial planes at custom angles for advanced image guided QA applications.

Features and Benefits (preliminary):

  • Up to 8 orthogonal fiducial planes
  • Two mounting options - vertical or diagonal
  • Complements the Logos Systems XRV-100 and XRV-124
  • Streamlined to fit under the XRV-100 shroud
  • 10mm intervals for custom fiducial plane distances
  • Excellent position reproducibility
  • Easy mounting and removal
  • Sturdy, accurate, one piece construction
top angled view
Talon-100 fixed to an XRV-124 4D Phantom